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Smart Education &
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Training Program & Software Environment – provides access to a training software environment include free access to VolFix software, you can learn how to use special analytical modules and train the skills using it.
Only for VolFix advanced users. If you don’t have previous experience with VolFix please become familiar with it first.

Smart Education Program Levels


Basic access to the training software environment. Train and increase the level of analysis.

This course was created for beginner and traders who have some experience with analysis of volumes. You understand that big players are managing of prices behavior and you want to know how to recognize them. After courses, you will understand how and why price moves. Where are main levels of support and resistance? Which direction better for trading? In which direction “smart money” are loaded. And we provide special lesson for answering for all questions.

After you have completed Practices training, you can start Qualifying training.


Advanced access to the training software environment. Provides additional monitoring parameters to improve learning.


The course will be interesting for all who has passed Basiс course or has big experience in the trading based analysis of volumes. 


There is no theory just practical solutions. Intraday trading on several main tickers: 6E, 6B, FDAX, ES, NQ.

Clear and specific rules with personal setups. The course includes real-time trading with the lectors. A personal 1-hour lesson with each participant.


The restart – restarts the training software environment to the initial state. Note the errors and start from scratch.


If you purchase any educational plan, access to Volfix will be included in the price.

Software Environment provides

 new opportunities to get new skills

Use Software Environment to develop a new skills and enchace mastery of analisys.